The culinary fascination of Brazil has a name: "Rodizio", "the spinning". Enjoy up to twelve different types of meat such as beef, lamb, pork or poultry, seasoned according to an ancient recipe and evenly cooked on the skewer. Our hearty grilled meat skewers carry the culinary fire of Brazil in their savory crust, while the meat loses none of its delicious juiciness. Once you have tasted a barbecue skewer from one of our churrasqueiros, you will never let go of the taste.

Spieß Presunto



Spieß Costelinha de porco
Costelinha de porco



Spieß Picanha

Beef hoof cover


Spieß Linguiça

Brazilian sausage speciality


Spieß Maminha

White piece


coxa de frango
Coxa de frango

Chicken thigh


Spieß Coração de frango
Coração de frango

Chicken heart


Spieß Costela de boi
Costela de boi

Beef spring piece


Spieß Picanha com alho
Picanha com alho

Beef hoof cover


Spieß Copa-Lombo

Pork neck


Meat skewers fresh from the grill, crispy and hearty

Enjoy our Brazilian "Rodizio" in our cozy Churrasco-Steakhouse, preferably with friends, family or colleagues. The main thing is that our guests are really in the mood for crispy, fiery meat skewers, where every bite into the spicy crust and juicy meat is an experience. The great thing about rodizio is that this method of preparation takes just about any type of meat to the next level. This isn't just barbecue - this is churrasco.

Enjoy these meat skewers at our restaurant "Boinabrasa"

Our grill masters prepare the barbecue skewers from only high quality meat subjected to strict quality tests. With us, only the best meat comes on the rotating skewer. Because only then can the artful preparation of our churrasqueiros and the continuous serving of our passadores offer you the authentic experience that only we can provide. We want to introduce you to a whole new way of enjoying meat and take you into the exciting culinary world of Brazil. The best way to do that is with outstanding taste on your tongue and in a cozy, exotic ambience.

Discover, among other things, the following meat skewers:

  • The "Picanha" barbecue skewer made from wafer-thin beef shank from the boiled beef. Something of a "perennial favorite" among our guests, and an excellent introduction to churrasco for anyone who loves a good steak.
  • "Maminha": The "white piece" of beef is often also called mayor's piece, pastor's piece, peacock's piece or lady's slipper. The particularly fine and aromatic muscle meat is predestined for a culinary refinement on the rotary skewer.
  • "Copa-Lombo": Those who like pork will love this tender and juicy piece from the neck of the pig.
  • "Coxa de Frango": chicken thighs strung and grilled to perfection, edible as finger food. Deliciously seasoned and served fresh off the grill.

And that's not all: Enjoy besides hearty tender lamb skewers or even fiery trute skewers fresh from the churrasco grill. We serve our popular buffet of hot and cold side dishes with our meat skewers. What really rounds off the culinary journey to South America is a Brazilian beer (Skol) or a Brazilian wine (Miolo Lote or Quinta do Seival). Have you ever tried it? You will be surprised how perfectly churrasco and Brazilian brewing or winemaking go together. For those who don't like alcohol, we recommend our selection of delicious tropical fruit juices or a non-alcoholic caipirinha. And when you and your fellow travelers are then happy and full, there is certainly still room for dessert.

The history of Brazilian meat skewers

Churrasco stands for a very special type of barbecue on a rotating skewer according to an ancient recipe. Already the Gauchos, immigrants from Europe to South America in the 19th century, celebrated the common grilling over open fire with friends and family - and developed there the method of skewering pieces of meat and the subsequent rotating grilling over a common fireplace. Brazilians in particular took folk festivals and social events such as weddings and birthdays as an occasion to celebrate a communal churrasco. Today, thousands of churrascaria restaurants can be found in Brazil, where people prefer to meet in groups to eat together. Conviviality, culture and taste: this is churrasco. And we want to offer exactly this experience to our guests in our restaurant.

What makes Brazilian barbecue so special?

Brazilian meat on a skewer is characterized by its intensity of flavor. The charcoal grill, which is common in Europe, grills the meat in a constant heat, while churrasco grilling "burns" the fat directly on the crust of the meat. This, by the way, is where the name comes from: churrasco almost poetically refers to the sound that drops of fat burning in the fire make.

The characteristic flavor of churrasco meat skewers consists of several elements:

  • The fiery, crispy and intense crust with exciting burnt notes
  • The delicious, juicy-tender meat, grilled to perfection
  • The immediate serving fresh from the grill, depending on the skewer, the passadores cut the pieces for you at the place
  • For the perfect pleasure enjoy the meat immediately as soon as it comes off the grill!

Of course, it also depends on what kind of meat you prepare. Our experienced grill masters get the best out of every piece of meat, regardless of the animal, to give you an unforgettable culinary experience.

You can only get meat skewers this good in our churrascaria!

How do you come up with the idea of opening a Brazilian steakhouse in the middle of Switzerland? Because we were convinced from the very beginning that we could offer something very special. On our travels through South America, we experienced firsthand the hospitality of the churrascarias and the incredible taste of the pieces of meat grilled on the rotating spit. Clearly, we wanted to bring this experience to our home country - and today we are proud of the meat skewers that our grill masters prepare. Our guests confirm our love for this method of preparation - and are happy to come back. We look forward to welcoming you soon in our restaurant in Zurich!

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