Churrasco: The culinary fire of Brazil

Churrasco - the word alone sounds like flaming embers and hissing fire. And the name probably comes from the very sound that dripping fat makes when it burns. In Brazil, on the Iberian Peninsula (Portugal and Spain), and in parts of Latin America, churrasco thus aptly describes a method of preparing meat that poetically bears its distinctive features in its name.

In terms of taste, churrasco stands for intensity, passion and, last but not least, authenticity. Our Churrasco Steakhouse takes as its model the so-called Gauchos, European immigrants to Brazil in the 19th century. They gathered around large fires, over which they grilled their meat skewers together in convivial company. In the restaurant we would like to offer our guests this convivial atmosphere, while we provide them with the best meat skewers they have tasted so far.

What is Churrasco?

The preparation method Churrasco combines traditional grill art with modern culinary finesse. In our Churrascaria in Zurich we offer Churrasco Rodizio. The rough procedure of a Churrasco grill is as follows:

  1. The meat is cut into hand-sized pieces. Popular meats for churrasco preparation include beef, chicken, lamb, pork, and various types of sausage. The most popular churrasco dishes include beef tenderloin and chicken leg.
    → In Brazilian churrasco, which we offer in our restaurant, the most popular dishes are picanha (beef shank, boiled beef) and coxa de frango (chicken thigh).
  2. About half an hour before grilling, the pieces of meat are sprinkled by hand with coarse salt and/or marinated heartily.
  3. Then the pieces of meat are placed on large skewers.
  4. The meat is grilled with the fat layer down first - either over charcoal or open fire. After that, the skewers are rotated continuously in the Churrasco Rodizio.
  5. Before serving, it is customary with larger steaks to cut the meat again in the middle or into several smaller pieces - appetizer-style. With our Churrasco Rodizio, we bring the meat directly to the tables and cut it into small slices there.
  6. Churrasco is a group experience, so it is traditionally served on a large plate that all guests help themselves to. In our churrascaria, the kebabs are served directly to the table with each individual guest.
  7. It is customary to serve side dishes in the form of salads, garlic bread, polenta and potato salad, for example.

Depending on the region, there are certain differences in the types of meat, the preparation of the meat, the ingredients and the serving.


Gacho Fleischzubereitung
Gaucho am Feuer

Regional variations of churrasco

In Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, churrasco is known primarily as beef steak, accompanied by salad and French fries or mashed potatoes. In Brazil, on the other hand, any meat grilled on a churrasqueira (the special churrasco grill) is called churrasco. So-called churrascaria restaurants are widespread in Brazil, well affordable for the general population and often the hub of social life. In many parts of the world, churrasco restaurants take their cue from the Brazilian concept - including Boinabrasa!

An exciting and fun way of barbecuing

Compared to the charcoal grill widely used in Europe, churrasco grilling makes the meat a lot crispier and gives it a hearty, fiery aroma. Gourmets appreciate the burnt note the meat gets, as well as the appearance of the dark red-brown crust. This calls for a firm bite, but the flavor literally explodes when you dig in with your teeth. Then, at the latest, you realize that while the meat is very crispy on the outside, it's deliciously juicy on the inside!

Churrasco is not only fun to eat, but also to prepare. The grill master can literally feel how he plays with the fire and prepares the meat in a way that our ancestors did at great feasts. Of course, care must be taken and an appropriate distance must be kept! Who has never eaten Churrasco, should first dine in a Churrascaria, before you try it yourself at home.


Gaucho am Grill

Visit us in our Churrascaria in Zurich!

If you want to experience authentic Churrasco with your family, friends or colleagues, we cordially invite you to our Churrasco restaurant, in other words, to our Churrascaria in Zurich! Our steakhouse not only prepares meat according to the Brazilian model, we also unite the culture of the Brazilian Gauchos in our ambience, our service clothing and our good-humored staff. The churrasco barbecue skewers are our stars, but our desserts and drinks also have a South American flavor. Ever tried Brazilian beer? Tastes great! Our buffets give you the opportunity to try just about everything - and are especially popular for that reason.

Curious? Reserve your table in our Churrascaria today, bring a few friends and look forward to a very special, culinary-exotic steakhouse. We are looking forward to your visit!

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